Finishing of budget to commercial premises of any complexity. From project design to installation.
Different options
Decoration, Lighting, Soundproofing
Design, Manufacture, Installation
Working On Large Areas
Within Russia and Abroad
What We Do
Decorative Suspended Ceiling
Various shapes and sizes, with different open or hidden subsystems. For the performance and characteristics of the specification required.
For a bright workspace with a twist. Integrating lighting within many different elements (ceilings, walls, etc)
Lining of Columns and Escalators
One or a few elements with decorative inserts and internal illumination. Integration with lighting and multimedia equipment.
Acoustic insulation
High sound absorption performance
Wall Panels and Slats
Unique finishing look. Installation of LED lighting and multimedia modules with reinforced vandal resistance for the lower rows.
Our Capabilities
All works
We offer a bespoke design or implement a ready made project design. We will manufacture all structures and deliver to the site (!). If necessary, we will carry out installation in any city with the departure of the team to the site.
We specialize in finishing in any city of Russia and abroad
Our team onsite or remotely, will deliver the work to all final technical and visual parameters.
Project Design
Sound Absorption
Impact Resistance
Implementation of Any Project Design
For All Security Parameters
For Public and Commercial Spaces
Enhanced Protection and Vandal Resistance
Who are our services for?
State or Private Business
Turns to us for turnkey finishing of premises according to their project design ( or according to the terms of specification, if there is no project)
General Contractor or Subcontractor
For high-quality and fast implementation of the project according to the customer requirements and at the most favorable price by a third-party.
General Contractor or Subcontractor
For high-quality and fast implementation of the project according to the customer requirements and at the most favorable price by a third-party.
Dealers and Partners
To close the deal and fullfill the technical needs of their client using the assistance of our technologies, portfolio, approaches and services.
If you have a ready-made project design, leave a request and we will calculate the estimate
Why Chooce Us
Our capabilities allow us to carry out complex tasks of decorating premises of various sizes, taking into account all the requirements of security services.
Flame retardant parts provide increased fire protection for crowded areas.
Our manufacturing allows you to create designs for the most unusual design solutions
Our portfolio includes large-scale projects throughout Russia from the Far East to Kaliningrad, as well as neighboring countries ( Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan)
Suspended Ceilings
Decorative Lighting
Cladding of Columns and Escalators
Acoustic Cladding
Wall Panels and Slats
About Company
The BashGroup company is a growing company in the field of supplying integrated solutions for projects in the field of ceiling, wall, floor, acoustic, facade systems, partitions, turnkey solutions for conference rooms, lighting equipment, clean rooms.

BashGroup creates solutions for our partners, taking an individual approach to each project and managing the implementation of solutions at all stages.

We work with both complex and simple products, as well as with expensive and budget products… But our principles is to offer customers the solutions that future characteristic requires. These requirements may be functional and/or design in nature. Our team of specialists must explain and justify the use of certain solutions in the project.
We are proud that in our field we can implement projects of almost any complexity and in any place. Our portfolio proves it. The more difficult the task, the more interesting. In addition, we have experience working with large companies. This is an indicator that we are trusted
Who Chose Us
Over 15 years experience
Commercial Director
Construction Director
Main Architect
Head of back-office
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